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Road Show At Alexandra Retail Centre from ( 5th Aug 13 to 11th Aug 13)

To launch MyPurmist to the public in Singapore for the first time. A practical interactive with the public to try out MyPurmist FOR FREE on the spot. Many positive feedback were gotten. MyPurmist is pioneer More upcoming roadshow will be available and we will give more special promotion on the roadshow. Like us in facebook to watch out for more upcoming roadshow.

MyPurmist Exhibition Roadshow

If you happen to see us at the roadshow, please take the time to try it and you shall believe how useful MyPurMist is.

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MyPurMist uses a new technology for directing warm humidification to naturally relieve sinus symptoms associated with colds, flu, allergies, congestion and dry air. I remember when my son was young, he would frequently get bronchitis and sinus infections. We'd have to run a hot shower and sit on the sink to breathe the steam. Or, I'd have to help him steady his head over a sink of boiling-hot water with a towel over is face. It wasn't safe, it wasn't fun, but it brought him relief. Think of MyPurMist as that steaming hot shower or sink, but in a convenient, lightweight and portable version! Plus it eliminates the problem we had with our daughter trying to decide if we needed a warm-mist humidifier or a cool-mist humidifier. We don't have to worry about setting it next to her bed, where she'd get the most benefit from the humidifier, only to wake up and find her bed and carpet soaked because of the steam. (Our daughter was surprisingly cooperative because she was fascinated with the mask.)

Cough medicine is not recommended for young children so frantic moms have to find other ways to ease their child's congestion. Which is why at some point a rookie mom finds herself in a steamy bathroom at 2am trying desperately to stop her little one coughing. Or you could do as I did and buy a humidifier only to find the room dripping with condensation the next morning. We still have the stain on the ceiling as a reminder of the cough of winter 2009. MyPurMist is a new medical device that is being used by such moms as Jennifer Hudson on their kids because it offers safe and soothing sinus relief...naturally. It uses hospital technology so that the pure warm mist is safe and germ-free, and because it directs the warm mist to the sinuses, throat and other areas where mucus accumulates it is very effective (and much more effective, convenient and safer than a hot shower) to help ease congestion from colds, flu, allergies, and dry air. Because of the special hospital technology, the unit stays cool to the touch and there is no chance of burning. Also, you can adjust the temperature of the mist to ensure the user has a soothing and enjoyable experience. Go to www.mypurmist.com and see the testimonials by moms and pediatricians.

I wanted to have my dad try out the my pur mist because he has terrible allergies and a lot of sinus issues. You totally do not have to wait for a cold or sinus issues to try this out. He has been using it for several weeks and it has helped him to breath better and not have so many allergy and sinus symptoms. It is super easy to work and set up. It take like a minute to get it going and in no time you will have steam coming out and on your way. I will be trying this on my children if they get a cold. I think it will be something that he can do and he won't freak out. It is very simple and easy to do. Not to mention the clean up is super easy, the fan stays running for 10 minutes to it dries everything out...how cool is that?

It literally took 30 seconds for me to figure the whole thing out. In no time I had steam coming right out. Word of advice, take your glasses off. MyPurMist is not glasses friendly and they will immediately fog up:) I guess that isn't so surprising. My thoughts? This is brilliant! Why didn't some one think of this years ago??? (I find myself thinking that a lot since I started blogging.) MyPurMist is a great way to help those with sinus problems. I can't wait for my husband to get a cold (I hope he doesn't read this) and see how it works on him. He frequently has sinus pressure and pain with colds and I am fairly confident that this will help. Sometimes he will just take a shower to help relieve some of the pain and now he can get that same effect without getting wet.