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How To Use MyPurMist

  1. Pour MyPurFill Demineralized Water in reservoir and let sit for 30 seconds. For subsequent uses fill water reservoir before each use. Press the ON button.
  2. Attach mask by tilting it forward and catching the lower lip of the mask under the tab in the warm mist opening. Do not push the mask straight down.
  3. Plug the unit into a standard wall outlet through the supplied power cord.
  4. Press ON/OFF button for instant steam.
  5. Use the temperature Up and Down button to vary the temperature between 105°F to 115°F.
  6. Use MyPurMist by placing mask over nose and mouth lightly. Breathe comfortably through nose or mouth.
  7. MyPurMist turns off automatically after 25 min of use. If you want to use for longer, refill reservoir with MyPurFill Demineralized Water and turn the device on again.
  8. If you use the device for less than 25 min, you do not need to empty the water reservoir. When you use it next time, simply add water to fill the water reservoir and use MyPurMist for a soothing experience to relieve your symptoms.
  9. Even with the water in the reservoir, the device will still make germ free steam every time. The water from the reservoir will go through the heater the next time you use it and make the steam/mist germ free. So no risk in leaving the water in the reservoir.
  10. Each time after the unit is turned OFF, the fan will run for 10 min to dry all the internal parts of the unit making it germ free. The fan will run for 10 min every time irrespective of how long you use MyPurMist. However, you can freely turn MyPurMist back ON again if you want to use it again before the 10 min cycle of the fan running is over. When you are finally done, the fan will still complete the full 10 min cycle. Do not unplug unit when the fan is running.


When to Use MyPurMist:

  1. MyPurMist can be used at anytime and for any length of time. It is the user's responsibility to determine when to use the device and the appropriate length of use.
  2. One fill of the water reservoir provides 25 minutes of use.
  3. Natural Steam is doctor recommended for sinus issues, congestion, allergies, sore throat, cough, colds, and dry mucous membranes (mouth and nose). Doctors and medical institutions recommend use of steam 2-4 times a day for symptomatic relief. Consult your doctor.
  4. MyPurMist can be used at anytime of the day. However, using it in the evening or before sleeping will likely result in more restful sleep.
  5. MyPurMist can be used anywhere at home or office or while traveling – even overseas. Remember to bring some MyPurFill liquid.



Power not coming on

  • Is the unit plugged in?
  • Did you press the round ON/OFF button on the front panel all the way down?

Power is on but the unit is not making mist

  • Has the reservoir been filled with MyPurFill demineralized water or distilled water?
  • Did you refill the unit and let it sit for at least for 30 seconds before turning it on?
  • Have you been using tap or bottled drinking water? If yes, then it is likely that you have clogged the unit with salts.

There is a funny smell

  • If this is the first time you have run the unit, let it run through one water reservoir. The ceramic element inside may have a dusty smell when first used.
  • If this is not the first time you've run the device but the device has been in storage, fill the unit with water and run through one reservoir before using.
  • Wash the mask with soap and water, especially if this is the first time you've used it. Do not put mask in a dishwasher.

Mask doesn't fit into place

  • Place the mask at a 45 degree angle, leaning forward.
  • Rock it back into an upright position with a little force. The mask often will not fit into place if too much force is used.

The warm mist is too hot or too cold

  • Use the temperature adjustment buttons on the control panel to lower or raise the temperature as desired.
  • Be sure the air holes are not blocked by a blanket or your hands. Blocking the holes will make the mist hotter, but you never want to completely block the air holes.

Water is leaking out the bottom of the unit

  • Unplug the unit immediately.
  • Was the unit placed on its side with water in the reservoir? If yes then water could leak out of the unit. Drain the reservoir and shake the unit to dislodge any water that may be inside. Allow the unit to dry for 24 hours. This should re-store function. If the unit still leaks, contact customer support at csr@mypurmist.sg.

All lights on the unit are flashing

  • Unplug the unit immediately.
  • When all blue and red lights flash there is something wrong with the product. Contact customer support at csr@mypurmist.sg. You will be instructed to return the unit for investigation. A replacement will be sent as per the warranty.