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Sinus & Allergy Relief


Soothing hot steam on demand: MyPurMist is ready whenever you are. Just push the ON button. No preparation, no waiting, no cleanup!

Portable and Handheld


MyPurMist is your own little private spa at your fingertips.

Natural Decongestant


MyPurMist makes warm, temperature adjustable vapor, from pure demineralized water.




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  • I like the fact that it can be used instantly once it is turned on and that it can be handled easily using one hand.

    The mist is very fine and can reach into the nasal cavities, thus helping to unclog my block nose early in the morning.

    - Paul Tan
  • Easy to operate and lightweight to carry when watching tv show. The design is stylish with blue lED light.
    After trying, it is able to make me feel refresh. I used it to smooth my flu also.

    - Patrick
  • Mypurmist works great! I used it every night as I have sinus before I got to bed and it really helps in me having a good night's sleep. I feel more refreshed in the morning. The steamer really helps to clear the sinus and I can feel the effect almost immediately.

    I will continue to use it and recommend anyone to give it a try.

    - Su Kaixun
  • Since the device operates purely base on demineralized water, I can use MyPurMist anywhere anytime to relieve my uncomfort in asthma and cold without considering any side effects. It is easy to operate
    and no waiting time is require for steam generation!!!

    - luke
  • My mum had sinus congestion for over 20 years and her sleep was very much disturbed by the night coughs. for years, she took doctors' prescribed medicines and visited TCMs but her condition was not at
    all improved. On recommendation of a doctor, she used inhaler. However, the use of an inhaler instead of improving her condition, led her into dry cough. Now that she uses MyPurMist, she can breathe so much better NOW! The product brings warmth into the sinuses and it gives relief of congestion, soothed her nasal passages and throat, calming her coughs and reduces dryness. Also, she did not feel any side effect as it is drug free and easy to use.

    - lim boon kiang
  • This is a really great product. Thank you so much

    - John Doe
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